Why Rhys-Tom changed his racing number

Feb 18, 2021

Rhys-Tom's reason why he has changed his racing number for the 2021 Rotax Senior Karting season ahead of him.

The first ever number I raced with that I personally chose was number 26. I chose this number because it had a personal meaning to me, it was the day of the month of my birthday. My date of birth is the 26 / 08 / 2005 and I wanted to somehow bring myself into my racing number so I chose 26 as my racing number. I raced under this number from 2015 onwards till 2020. This number has been with me for the hole of my karting career, but now I am hoping to start a new racing career in single seaters in 2022 with Arden Motorsport and I am heading into my first year in the Senior Rotax Class. I am looking for a new number because this is going to be a new experience and a new chapter to my story.

I am now going to be starting a different journey in my racing career and I want to change the number I had previously used, I am now changing my racing number to 88. The reason I am now doing this is because I want to start a new career with a fresh start. I have chosen the number 88 as my compulsory number to use in my racing career from 2021 onwards, because of several reasons that are within my family. My Dad had previously been stopped by the police under section 88. I have gone on a classic car convoy and we were given a number 88 out of hundreds in the convoy. It has s even been used in one of my favourite films ‘Back to the future’ as they needed to achieve the speed of 88 mph to go back to the future. The reasons all vary to each other on why I have chosen the number 88. This number will stay with me and possibly for the rest of my racing career. I hope not to only bring my racing number, name and country into Formula 1, but to also leave my mark in the name and remembrance of the last Welsh Formula 1 racing driver, Tom Pryce.

           In the film ‘Back to the future’ it also includes a quote that I follow, and I adjusted to my preferences

                                         "ROADS, WHERE I'M GOING I DON'T NEED ROADS - JUST TRACKS"
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