Round Six and the final round of the NKC at Clay Pigeon Raceway – 23-24/10/21

Oct 24, 2021

Rhys-Tom competes in the final round of the NKC at the clay pigeon raceway.

Round six of the NKC was held at Clay Pigeon Raceway. Rhys-Tom wanted to make this race a one to remember after a tough season in the championship.

On the Saturday practice everything went well and the kart looked good out on track, The only thing that Rhys-Tom was not sure on is how the lap times were coming to him straight away. This was Rhys-Tom’s first time at Clay Pigeon Raceway but adapted well on the Saturday.  

Sunday came quickly and there was a chance of rain later in the day. Rhys-Tom felt an instant improvement in the Kart and was happy from the word go with the kart this time.

Qualifying went well and he was starting in P6 at the start of the race.

“That was a qualifying result that I needed, this really gives me an incentive to do well here in Clay”

Here came heat one and it was still dry. On the formation lap Rhys-Tom got Punted off and he tried to recover from it after an extra formation lap was called but unfortunately it was not enough, he started the race in P12 and couldn’t do anything but try and gain places from there onwards .Rhys-Tom finished in P13 due to a battle he was a part of in the heat.

In the pre-final it started to rain, Rhys-Tom got up to 12thand was wanting the final to come sooner so he could reach his target of the top 10 finish. Rhys-Tom was later informed that he had been given a 10 second time penalty for passing under a yellow flag which put him down to P17. This was a huge set back but Rhys-Tom was ready to climb back up the pack.

During the final heat of the year in the NKC Rhys-Tom managed to get back up to P12 after another wet session.

“The session was fun but the late changes done to my kart were not completed as it was such a rush to get the kart on the grid and the kart didn’t feel as competitive. After the race day I’ve had to finish 12th is good”

Rhys-Tom’s final verdict on the weekend and the championship

“This weekend has been like how the championship has been tome since the start, there were the high moments, the low moments and extremely chaotic moments. This is karting and things like this happen, they help me learn with every stride I take, next season in the NKC 2022 I hope for a cleaner and amore successful year”

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