Round one of the NKC at Whilton mill - 1-2/5/21

May 2, 2021

Rhys-Tom competes in his first Senior Rotax Race in the NKC

Round one of the NKC (National Karting Championship) was located in Whilton Mill. This was Rhys-Tom's first time competing in the Senior Rotax class and at Whilton Mill.

On Saturday (practice day) the day went smoothly for Rhys-Tom as he enjoyed the experience of getting uste to and up to speed at Whilton Mill. There were a few tweaks done to the kart, but the rest was down to Rhys-Tom getting comfortable with the track on Saturday.

On the Sunday that followed it was a close field of racers competing for pole position in qualifying. Rhys-Tom had to settle to take 17th position out of 34 that day as the set up on the kart did not suit Rhys-Tom on the Sunday.

"I didn't feel happy with the kart during qualifying as I couldn't get the time out of the kart."

Heat 1 arrived, Rhys-Tom was aching to make up positions during the race, the race lasted 3 laps before an accident caused the red flag to be pulled out and stop the race. Rhys-Tom had made a decent start gaining 3 positions at the start climbing back to 14th. The red flag lasted 50 minutes and forced the race to be restarted for only 3 laps. Rhys-Tom tried to pass someone on the restart but his cold brakes caused the kart to spin on corner entry. He ended the race in 17th.

The next heat was the final due to an unfortunate accident someone had in a different class which caused the wait between the races to be emphatically long. The final did not start well for Rhys-Tom as he was starting from 20th for some reason which still is unjustified today. He did not have much success during this heat either as the set up on the kart had been changed and it took Rhys-Tom a few laps to get used to this set up. Once Rhys-Tom had gained understanding of the setup he started to gain great momentum gaining him the 4th fastest time of the final.

Rhys-Tom's final verdict of the day:

"It was a shame that I was not happy with the set up on the kart in qualifying otherwise I wouldn't have been involved in the Mid Field Battles if my qualifying position was better, at least I can come away from this weekend with the knowledge that the pace was there and that next time I will make sure that the Sunday starts and finishes better”.

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