Round five of the NKC at the South Wales Karting Centre – 2-3/10/21

Oct 3, 2021

Rhys-Tom competes in round Five of the NKC in Llandow

Round five of the NKC was held at Llandow. This was the closest round in the NKC for Rhys-Tom and he knew the track well as it was his local track.

Rhys-Tom was at Saturday practice and was feeling good in the kart, he attended all 7 practice sessions and thought his setup on the kart suited the track.

Nothing was changed going into Sunday’s practice (3 minute warmup) session, but the kart felt worse. The day started off dry but when the warmup session was about to start the rain fell and it was clear that it was going to be a wet qualifying for sure.

When it was time for qualifying there were different variables on why Rhys-Tom couldn’t work with the kart.

“The wet track was not what affected me, but it was more to do with me not feeling comfortable with the kart during the session at all”

P13 was the grid position he’d be starting at after an uncomfortable qualifying session.

Heat one was underway, it was still wet and Rhys-Tom yet again had a bad session with trying to get up and in a rhythm with the kart, but it was going far from smoothly as he finished in P15. His aim was to finish higher than P10 at the end of the day for a good result on the whole.

In the pre final Rhys-Tom stayed in P15 and was not happy with the result. He wanted to at least finish higher than P15 today to take home abetter result.

The final was looking like it would dry out and everyone changed to dry tires. Rhys-Tom was moving up the pack but managed to grab P13 after a 12 minute plus 1 lap long final

Rhys-Tom’s final verdict of the day

“Not the best day at all, there is always positives to be found about everything but this time the reason I had a bad weekend was due to the lack of comfort I felt in the kart”

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