Rhys-Tom gets to know more about his Welsh hero Thomas Maldwyn Pryce

May 9, 2021

Rhys-Tom gets to know more about his Welsh hero Thomas Maldwyn Pryce’s history on and off the track.

Facts about Tom Pryce :-

(Grand prix Photo/Peter Nygaard)

Tom Pryce was born at the former Trevalyn Hospital in Rossett and spent his early childhood living in the Hightown area of Wrexham and the nearby village of Brymbo. In later years he would settle in Nantglyn before eventually moving to nearby Ruthin. The constant moving was a result of his Father's job as a Policeman.

His rise from his rural background to Grand Prix stardom was meteoric, to say the least. His Formula One debut coming just over four years after leaving home and his job as a tractor mechanic.

He never forgot his roots and would return to see family and friends in North Wales whenever his hectic schedule allowed.

(Nella Pryce)

The climb up the motor racing ladder requires skill, determination, dedication, and of course, substantial backing. While modern-day racing is far more expensive than in Tom's day, it should not deter anyone with the skill and determination to give their all in chasing their dreams. After all, what is a life without dreams?

Tom is the only Welshman to win a Formula One Grand Prix and to start in pole position in a Grand Prix. There is no reason why other aspiring Welsh youngsters should not try to emulate and even exceed Tom's achievements.

Darren Banks (one of two authors of Tom Pryce the book) comments on Tom Pryce :-

“He set an example for others to follow and his memory continues to inspire and encourage others to reach for and achieve their own personal goals”. - Darren Banks

Darren Banks brief history :-

Shortlisted for the RAC Motoring Book Award 2017
Shortlisted for the Michael Sedgwick Book Award 2017

Rhys-Tom Williams comments on his dream :-

“Thomas Maldwyn Pryce has been someone for me to look up to in Motor Racing, especially as he still is the only Welsh racing driver ever to reach the pinnacle of motorsport. It has been my dream to be a formula 1 racing driver for a decade and after hearing, reading and seeing pictures of Tom Pryce and his racing career I now aspire to reach Formula 1 just like he did”. - Rhys-Tom Williams

Karl Jones comments on Rhys-Tom :-

"Rhys-Tom is a young intelligent lad with an abundance of real passion to succeed in this challenging sport and has already shown great promise during his formative years and hopefully take him to the pinnacle of the sport to become another Welsh Formula 1 driver since the late Tom Pryce. I have a keen interest in young Rhys-Tom, coming from my hometown as I was chasing a similar dream over four decades ago, I realise how difficult a sport it is to succeed and wish Rhys-Tom all the success he truly deserves"

Richard Peacock comments on Rhys-Tom :-

Richard talked to Rhys-Tom recently and had the following reaction to quite a lengthy conversation.

“What a breath of fresh air Rhys-Tom is. Most young Racing Drivers I come in to contact with have been influenced by corporate speak and all say the same things in many cases rendering the conversation into a complete waist of time.

Rhys-Tom will be a sponsors dream, with not only the ability as a driver he has shown so far in his career, but he is extremely intelligent and very articulate for a young man of his age.

The fact that he has become part of the Arden driver programme is also most impressive. This is the training programme and talent assessment for future Red Bull Formula 1 Team drivers.

During our conversation I was impressed by his attitude and his commitment and his willingness to combine his racing and academic study’s . He is not a dreamer and is well aware that to succeed in Motor Racing you require the ability / talent , sufficient budget to compete in the particular Formula, be in one of the best teams etc.

We also agreed a bit of luck has often helped a drivers career.

So far Rhys-Tom has done all that could of been expected and he certainly deserves the opportunity to progress to the next stage and I hope that bit of luck comes his way.”

Richard Peacock's brief history :-

Richard Peacock who’s Motor Racing experience started in the 1970s and included wining Three Formula Ford Championships and the 1989 Historic Formula 1 Championship in a Tyrrell 010. 

He has been involved in the Racing School Business for over 40 years, but for the past 25 concentrated on Anglesey Circuit .

Richard Peacock at Silverstone (1990)
Richard Peacock at Thruxton (1988)

Richard Peacock's part in the book Tom Pryce memories of a Welsh F1 star by those who knew him :-

Dave Jones comments on Rhys-Tom (Family friend) :-

"I wish Rhys-Tom all the very best in achieving his dream of becoming the next Welsh Formula 1 Grand Prix Racing driver since the late Tom Pryce.

Hoping he receives the backing and sponsorship which is so vital to enable him to secure a seat in the F4 championship in 2022 and I look forward to following his career and successes. "Pob lwc I ti." 🏴 - Dave Jones

Dave Jones's part in the book Tom Pryce memories of a Welsh F1 star by those who knew him :-

Tim Davies comments on Rhys-Tom :-

“It is wonderful to hear about another up-and-coming racing driver from West Wales, a young guy called Rhys-Tom. Especially that he is from Lampeter area, where myself and Karl Jones grew up. 

Karl, a very good friend of mine and myself, wishes him all the best in his quest of being a racing driver. His early results are very promising indeed - "watch out for this name; Rhys-Tom!"

Tim Davie's brief history :-

initially winning the Western Mail competition at Brands Hatch and subsequently Driver of the Year at Brands Hatch driving School. 

Overall winner of the Formula Ford 2000 championship in 1983. 

3rd in the Western Mail Welsh Sports Personality of the Year (before it became BBC).  

3 years in British Formula 3, 1 race at Birmingham Super Prix in a Formula 3000 and more recently HSCC overall champion (2013 & 2014) in Historic Saloon Racing in a Lotus Cortina.  

Thomas Maldwyn Pryce Gallery :-

(Eric Lemuet Collection)
(Mike Hayward)
(Udo Klinkel)

See more photos on Thomas Maldwyn Pryce's gallery

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