Rhys-Tom Gets to meet Karl Jones racing driver

May 3, 2021

Rhys-Tom gets the chance to meet Karl Jones who was inspired by Tom Pryce to start racing. Rhys-Tom feels privileged to be in contact with someone who has shared a similar dream to him and to gain beneficial advice from Karl Jones.

Karl Jones's thoughts on Rhys-Tom Williams :-

"Rhys Tom is a young intelligent lad with an abundance of real passion to succeed in this challenging sport and has already shown great promise during his formative years and hopefully take him to the pinnacle of the sport to become another Welsh Formula 1 driver since the late Tom Pryce. I have a keen interest in young Rhys Tom, coming from my hometown as I was chasing a similar dream over four decades ago, I realise how difficult as port it is to succeed and wish Rhys-Tom all the success he truly deserves"                                              

-Karl Jones

Rhys-Tom gets to meet Karl Jones who was inspired by Tom Pryce to start racing and just like Karl, Tom Pryce is a person who inspired Rhys-Tom to think that another Welsh racing driver can make it to the pinnacle of motorsport, Formula 1.

“I have been in contact with Karl Jones for a month and in the span of 31 days he has taught me so much about racing and activities off the track. This is a big help for me because as a young racing driver with a dream of achieving my ambition of becoming the next Welsh Formula 1 Driver, guidance from somebody like Karl is key”.  


Photos of Karl Jones racing :-                      

See more photos of Karl Jones in his photo gallery

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