Praga R1 test day at Silverstone national

Feb 23, 2022

Test day With Praga in their new Praga R1 at Silverstone


On the 23rd of February Rhys-Tom was at Silverstone with Praga for a test day where drivers were testing the new Praga R1 for the 2022 season ahead.

“it was great to finally see the Praga R1 on track and it is definitely as fast as it looks”

Unfortunately, Rhys-Tom was unable to take the Praga out on track that day and this is because he needs his competition license before taking the Praga out on a circuit. Although Rhys-Tom wasn’t busy driving the car on the Silverstone national track, he was busy driving the Praga R1 on Race Software's racing simulator.

“Its great to have a feel of the cars raw power and how it handles the track on the simulator, its also great to see the drivers talking about how realistic the virtual model of the car is compared to the real car”

The day ran smoothly without any major faults with the cars which meant the drivers got more time to drive and learn everything there is to learn about the Praga R1.

It was a great experience for Rhys-Tom to be at the track and to meet everyone who is involved with the Praga R1 and everyone else who might have their individual connection to the racing world as this will benefit him on his journey up the motorsport ladder.

Rhys-Tom is set to test the Praga R1 in Anglesey with Praga and Arden during April and will hope to have gained his competition license in time for testing the car for the season ahead.

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