Meeting Lando Norris, Shmee 150 and Mark Higgins in the 2019 Birmingham NEC car show

Jan 12, 2019

The annual Autosport International The Racing Car Show at the NEC in Birmingham 2019 was a very, very special one. Every year I go up to the Car Show and I get more and more opportunities to meet the people who might drive in F1, compete in the WRC or race in Touring Cars. These opportunities persuade me to keep going back to the Car Show every year. This annual event showcases several cars like F1, F4 , WRC cars etc.  

I have met several YouTube stars and several racing drivers in this show and it was a privilege to meet and talk to them about their past and how they have achieved such greatness in the world of Motorsport.

The people I met at The NEC Car Show in 2019 was Lando Norris, Carlos Sainz, Shmee 150 and Mark Higgins. The 2019 NEC car show was by far the best car show I have ever been to. I had so many opportunities to ask the drivers and other stars in their own categories questions and it has helped me believe that I too can achieve what I want to achieve. These drivers reached there goals and I now believe I can achieve mine and to be the next Welsh F1 Racer.

I met Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz the two McLaren F1 drivers in 2019 at a McLaren stand. The stand featured cars like the McLaren P1 and other amazing cars of the McLaren. I managed and had the opportunity to talk to the drivers for a few minutes before they both were swarmed by the media.

When I spoke to Lando Norris, I still remember clearly what he told me about his past and his advice he gave me. ‘‘Make your name as big as possible’’, this then gave me the determination to make my name as big as possible because this advice has directly come from a F1 racing driver. The other thing that boosted my confidence was that Lando Norris also used to race Go Karts at some of the local tracks I race on today, one of the tracks he mentioned was Llandow, South Wales Karting Centre.

I shook his hand and told him, one day we will race each other in F1...

I also met Mark Higgins and Shmee 150 behind the Live Action Arena at the Car Show. I had a photos taken with both the drivers, which is shown on my website and also had the privilege to talk to Mark about racing Cars and Rally Cars. I also had the privilege to talk to Shmee 150 about the cars he drives and the 'living the Supercar Dream'. This time at the Birmingham NEC car show was an overly exciting and joyful time for me as I was able to talk to these people like Higgins and Shmee 150 (Tim Burton), about my passion which is racing and I have had some valuable advice from both, which I will hold and secure forever and make sure I progress and achieve through to the Formula Racing Series to F1.  

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